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Reaching Disengaged Students

One of the greatest struggles for a teacher when doing classroom teaching for students is to make sure all students follow the subject matter. Not all students love the subject matter especially for students who do not perform. Most students who are not achievers or naughty students are very challenging because they think that material is not important and not interesting, they are referred to as disengaged-students. Disengaged students are fairly easy to spot in a classroom. While some people may confuse quiet students or introverts as being disengaged, this classification does not always hold true.

A disengaged-student has no interest. They are not interested in some things during classroom learning such as, learning process, specific subject, specific teaching method used, etc. Problems faced by teachers about such students that they can often hold the whole class. It is important for teachers to find ways to re-engage students who are struggling to find interesting material. But I prefer to think of them as “fighters,” this kind of student is struggling to understand the material and find a way to understand the material better. A teacher should understand this.


In order for disengaged-students to get back on track, here are some strategies for teachers to reach them:

Stimulate students – Stimulation from the teacher is an initiative. Many students lose interest in what is taught because the material does not stimulate them. Do not use a single instruction method because it can cause many students to lose interest in what is taught, and difficult to concentrate or pay attention to. Stimulate students by giving a simple example before entering on the main material. This gives way for students to learn by example by observing directly what they are learning in the classroom. Sometimes students prefer simple things.

Make teaching fun for students – The word “fun” is preferred for students. It is important for teachers to instill students’ curiosity and excitement at the prospect of learning. Teachers can do things like, Include project and group work, Introduce variations in classroom and homework assignments, Provide information in different formats, Create games from lesson plans, etc.

Make a practical correlation – Most students become disengaged-students because they cannot find a correlation between the materials conveyed with what they find in everyday life. Many of them are struggling to find out how their material will be useful in the environment. Teachers should help to relate what they learn with real-life experiences and examples.

Involving disengaged-students in group work – The social benefit of group work is helping to generate learn interest. When they work and interact with others, they can pick up information that may not be as appealing to them as they hear it. They begin to see how their peers depend on them. When students are put into situations where they are forced to contribute to a project or task, they begin to take an interest in the material for fear of letting their teammates down. Involving these types of students in groups gives more existence.     

Give choices – Teachers should use various techniques during the classroom learning process. Include different ways of teaching, quizzes, assignments, projects, group work, field trips, games, etc. Involve students to choose teaching methods; it is very important to create responsibility for students. They will feel involved in the learning process in the classroom.

As a teacher, using some of these strategies can help disengaged-students get back on track. Create experiments with different strategies and analyze which strategies give more results for your students in the classroom.



The Best YouTube downloader

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4K Video Downloader – This app is the simplest and best tool for downloading videos on YouTube. Easy to use, highly customizable, and does not include any additional software. If you want to take all playlists as long as no more than 24 videos you just need to copy the URL and choose the video format, location, and quality

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Engineering and MBA Colleges are Next Study Destination in India

If you are interested in continuing your education in engineering but you are not sure where and how to start, read this article for some important clues. The population of India has the quality of education evenly throughout the country despite being inhabited by various people. We can find students from all over India taking an educational path away from where they live. Most engineering colleges in India have a well-established education system so it is certain that students who graduate from one of the Top Engineering Colleges in India will have the same educational standards as those who graduate in colleges located in other parts of India. Equity education in India can be an example for other Asian countries.

The education system in India accepts students from abroad. Most students from abroad find it difficult to adapt to local customs and habits. This is the most difficult attempt to conform to the demographic and geographic reality in India. The cultures of the cities that have engineering colleges are dynamic. Small towns in India may not suit what you use if you come from an international location. However very, living in a smaller city also has its advantages. You can get to know the real India you will never experience in a city like Bombay or Bangalore. You will find some of the best engineering colleges in the small towns of India. For example, Kottayam in Kerala is a small town but has some excellent engineering colleges.

Indian education is internationally respected and most students who have studied in India do very well in their home country. You can find the best colleges in India are in the 1st level city. You will find top engineering colleges like IITS, REC’s, and other similar campuses in big cities. So if there are students from the village who want to take engineering education from famous collages then they have to go to town. Students’ interest in engineering education is very high in India because the theory taught can be directly devoted. They also assume that having engineering education bases will be easy to get to work after graduation.

In addition to engineering collages, India also has MBA Colleges. All Top MBA colleges in India are basically involved in two areas: one, to absorb students seeking business qualifications, and others, to provide these students to the various companies that are looking for them. When students enter an MBA school in India, they are almost certain that they will get a good job when they graduate from the institution. Therefore, placement plays an important role in determining the success or failure of an MBA College.

The MBA School in India focuses on the latest techniques to attract students. Innovation is the key word to make the most sought-after MBA College in India. Business houses in India are looking for people who can meet the various requirements and who can serve them in the best way. With high innovation power everything can be fulfilled. These demands have led to the development of new branches in the MBA as well as the harsh demands on MBA graduate graduates who have different business abilities.

Before determining collages engineering or MBA to be taken, first consider the issue of tuition fees. The cost of education is a great attraction for foreign students. For a small fee, international students receive quality education as they study in India. With good accommodation facilities available at leading engineering colleges and MBAs in India, it is not surprising that India is an educational choice destination for students from all over the world. It is remarkable if students from all over the world are interested in majoring in engineering and MBA here.