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What you should know about when to replace your Windshield

Every driver lives in fear of having a broken windshield. Getting to decide on whether a damage is too big for repairing and too small for replacement can be daunting. Ahead are some pointers to help you in this decision making process.

The first top most aspect to consider is the size of the damage that has occurred on the windshield. Where the size of the damage is far big one will have to consider replacing the entire windshield but with the advancement of technology minor damage can easily be fixed. World wide, all state safety associations concerned with the state of the windshield emphasize on one ensuring their windshield is free of chips or cracks no matter their size as they can cause huge negative impacts. It is important that one does not ignore a minor damage as it might lead to a far worse case.

One must ensure they figure out how deep the chip or crack is. This is a crucial step to make when determining whether to replace or repair your windshield. Thus get a reliable take on which decision to make. It should be noted that a windshield has three important layers. Only fake windscreens will have one layer or two thus it is important to ensure you have the right one. Get to know that a good windscreen will have a glass first layer, a plastic second layer and lastly a glass third layer. Therefore with both layers compromised the entire windshield must be replaced.

The other factor which is important when trying to figure out whether to repair or replace your windshield is the location of the damage. By location it means look and find out the exact location on which the damage has caused impact. As much as you may end up lucky to be on the safe side of previously mentioned determinants you might find yourself replacing the windshield due to damage on a wrong location. The wrong part of a damaged windshield is when the damage is on the outside border of the windshield. Hence this means that your windshield has been compromised and needs to be changed.

As much as you might want to ignore a few minor damages it is advisable to repair them to avoid creating bigger damages. One must understand that these minor damages can have a huge negative impact not only when they grow bigger but when they cause a distraction to the one driving. One must ensure they immediately go to the right dealer to change their windshield when they notice a threatening damage on your screen. Avoid taking booking a replacing to a later date immediately drive or call a dealer to come to your aid. Having an on dial dealer to come to your rescue is a very good idea.